Running a protocol - Standard user - 6.5 - Execute

Once setup is complete, firefly shows the execute screen. This is designed to be informative at a
glance, if you are concurrently running other experiments.

Select 'Start' to run your protocol.

Execute start & stop buttons (1)

The screen will be updated with the elapsed time, overall time remaining and reminder of the next user interaction, if applicable.

Standard - pending user interaction

If there is a pause step in the protocol, the time remaining is shown at the top left.

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You can choose to pause a protocol at any stage, using the 'Pause' button on the Execute screen.

Execute pause & stop buttons (1)

If you need to end a protocol for non-urgent reasons e.g. you become aware of a problem with
the reagents, use the 'Stop' button on the Execute screen.

Use the emergency stop if you need to stop firefly instantly for safety reasons.

When the protocol is about to complete, the screen will flash magenta (as for a user interaction), as a prompt that the instrument will need to be unloaded.

firefly will chime when the protocol is finished. Ensure that the volume on the tablet is turned up in order to hear this chime.

Standard - protocol complete

Use 'Start again' to restart the same protocol.

6.5.1 Carrying out user interactions

firefly shows this screen when a user interaction is needed.

Standard - user interaction

Once you see this screen you can access firefly and carry out the user interaction instruction. At
this point the heads and decks may have moved to give you safe access to the area you require e.g. to the upper deck to remove a plate. However this is not always practical i.e. if the head must remain in a plate, so be careful when you access firefly.

IMPORTANT: Do not click 'Done' on this form immediately: complete the required actions first. Clicking 'Done' dismisses the form and continues the protocol.

Open firefly's door and complete the user action. Close the door before clicking 'Done' on the user interaction pop up form. The door indicator will be blue if the door is properly closed.

Door indicator

If you click 'Done' before the door is properly closed, the protocol execution will stop.

If the user action involves instruments other than firefly, complete the specified task before clicking 'Done' as the firefly software will continue the protocol at that point, expecting all previous
steps to be complete.

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