Webinar: Quantity and Quality - How automated workflows positively impact assay development and screening

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Achieving greater workflow efficiencies is a target we all understand. But how do you scale up without losing quality or over burdening your teams? One option is to add automation but designing the optimal process is paramount.

Scott Mosser and Christina Minnick

In this webinar presented by Scott Mosser and Christina Minnick – Pharmacology, Assay Operations – Merck, we explore how automation played a pivotal role in achieving their goals. View the on-demand webinar today and:

  • gain insights into how automation increased the capacity and scale of operations
  • discover how new workflows improved accuracy, reproducibility, minimized human error and saved time
  • understand how lower assay volumes spared precious reagents and freed up specialized instruments
  • learn how an increased number of assay development and screening projects were achieved through flexible automated dispensing.

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