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Taking your first steps towards automation

Simple, intuitive and affordable liquid handling

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About this webinar

Associated with numerous benefits, automated liquid handlers are increasingly adopted in R&D laboratories to simplify the creation of complex multi-parameter experiments in a reproducible, reliable and robust manner, while freeing highly trained scientists from manual lab-work to focus on more skilled tasks of analysis of data and planning of experiments.

In this webinar our experts present:
  • Applications and liquid handling tasks that benefit from automation
  • How to select a liquid handler for your application or research area
  • The benefits of automation beyond throughput
  • Why automation is no longer the reserve of high throughput screening alone

Introduction to our apricot S-series and personal pipettor instruments, focussing on key benefits:
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility to address a wide range of everyday liquid handling tasks
  • Throughput vs. to manual/multichannel pipetting
  • Affordability and accessibility for all laboratories