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Lab2lab director: user interface - 6.1 Starting lab2lab

lab2lab Director has a main menu bar with three tab pages; System, Samples and Service. Each of these pages contains various menu controls to allow access to the different lab2lab controls and sub-systems.  

Once the Director application is running, click the On/Off button at the top of the left side panel to start lab2lab. This will initialize the system.  

director opening screen

When everything is in a ready state all the graphical components should be green. If a problem has occurred, the item in question will be highlighted in red and an error message displayed. If more information is required, then the log page (viewable by clicking on the “Log” button on the Service page) will show the full log message. 

The software LEDs on the left of the main user interface page indicate the status of the Scheduler and Transport units, along with the status of the database and the connection to it, and finally if automatic emailing is configured and working. 

Director - status sidebar