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Lab2lab director config.xml file - 13.6 Transport


<!-- Transport --> 
<add key="Transport.BlipTimeout" value="00:00:12"/> 
<add key="Transport.SenderPriorityBoostMinutes" value="15"/> 
<add key="Transport.Simulated" value="true"/> 

Mandatory Parameters: 




This a time interval parameter that used by the transport logic. If a vial has failed to arrive at its destination within this time then the pneumatic valves are “blipped” for a fraction of a second. This is done create a pulsed kick in case the vial had caught on an edge. Typically this value is set to a couple of seconds longer than the longest, problem free transfer on the system. 

Optional Parameters: 




If set to an integer value above zero then this will be used to increase the transport priority of any vials that have been waiting under the pipe at a Sender. Ordinarily such vials are always lower in priority then vials coming from other locations so at very busy times on some systems this can be required. 


There are numerous ways in which lab2lab can be run in simulation, but if the Router is simulated then the Transport Simulated parameter must be present and set to true.