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Lab2lab director config.xml file - 13.7 Router


<!-- Router --> 
<add key="Router.Simulated" value="true"/> 
<add key="Router.Bin.VialCountWarningThreshold" value="1500"/> 
<add key="Router.MXBoard.Name" value=""/> 
<add key="Router.BarcodeReader.Simulated" value="true"/> 
<add key="Router.BarcodeReader.MXBoard.Name" value=""/> 
<add key="Router.BarcodeReader.MXBoard.UDP.RemoteBroadcastPort" value="54126"/> 
<add key="Router.BarcodeReader.MXBoard.UDP.RemoteListenPort" value="54123"/> 
<add key="Router.Ports.Count" value="38"/> 
<add key="Router.Port.0.Position" value="24100"/> 
<add key="Router.Port.1.Position" value="23170"/> 
<add key="Router.Port.38.Position" value="30"/> 

Mandatory Parameters: 




The IP address of the Router controller and also network cards have to be specified. These are invariably the same value but it is conceivable that they could be different. 




Olds Routers have 32 Ports, newer ones have 38. This has to be explicitly set. Any value other than 32 or 38 will not work. 


The stepper mount encoder counts for Port.0 (the barcode reader position) and Port.1 have to be specified, as well as last port; either Port.32 or Port.38. 


Defining just the first and last ports is sufficient for the lab2lab software to infer the stepper motor locations of all the ports in-between. 



Optional Parameters: 

If it appears that the calculated position of a specific Router port doesn’t perfectly align with where the Router arm moves to, you can override the value for an individual port by explicitly stating the stepper motor encoder position. You do this by adding a parameter like this: 

<add key="Router.Port.19.Position" value="12430"/> 

For Port 19 this value will now be used instead of the calculated value. 




The lab2lab Director application will track how many vials have been sent to the integrated Router waste bin. If this parameter is present and not null then when the vial count exceeds this value a warning message will be generated requesting that Router bin is emptied and the count is reset (through the UI). 


Sent to the barcode reader network card to tell it which TCP port to broadcast UDP packets. If not set then a default value of 54126 is used. 


Sent to the barcode reader network card to tell it which TCP port to list for UDP commands from the Director. If not set then a default value of 54123 is used. 


Both the Router motor and the barcode reader can be simulated separately.