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Lab2lab director config.xml file - 13.5 Management


<add key="Management.MaxAllowedConsecutiveBarcodeReadFailures" value="2"/> 
<add key="Management.AllHardwareDefaultToSimulated" value="true"/> 
<add key="Management.ApprovedUserListPath" value=".\\Config\\users.txt"/> 
<add key="Management.OnlyApprovedUsersCanRegisterVials" value="true"/> 
<add key="Management.MonitoredFolderForFileRegistration" value="C:\Temp\AutoReg"/> 

Mandatory Parameters: 

There are no mandatory Management parameters. The whole section can be omitted. 

Optional Parameters: 




If omitted, then a default value of 3 is used. A standard installation sets this parameter to 2. For standard lab2lab vials and with a correctly calibrated Router barcode reader this should never be triggered unless there is a communication problem to the device. 


If omitted, then a default value of false is used. This parameter is mainly used by SPT Labtech staff during testing, however it could be used on customer sites for checking network communication to the email server or database. License files can be set to not allow this parameter to be used, so that the Director software can only be used with real hardware. 


The absolute or relative path to a text file containing user IDs to be used when registering vials. 


If the previous parameter points to a valid list of users then this parameter can be used to only allow vials to be registered with one of those user IDs. If this parameter is set false then the user ID list is used to prompt scientists when registering vials, but they are able to enter a different ID if necessary. 


Set to an absolute or relative path to a folder that the system needs to monitor for csv files being deposited and then processed for vial registration or editing. This can be a mapped network drive to a fold physically on another PC or server.