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Director PC backup - 10.2 Switching PCs

If you need to switch the Director PC and it also hosts the Oracle database, you will need to transfer lab2lab data (if the database is hosted externally then this is not an issue) to the new PC. To do this: 

  1. Shutdown the system (going through the steps described above). 
  2. Close the lab2lab Director software
  3. To export the database in its entirety, you need to use the Oracle expdp.exe utility and to import it you need the impdp.exe utility. 
To export the lab2lab database open a command prompt and change the current directory to: 


 Then execute this command: 

expdp ttp/factory directory=ARCHIVE dumpfile=FULL.DMP schemas=ttp 

This will create a file in the DbaseArchive folder called “FULL.DMP”. This file may be as large as 20 or 30MB. 

  1. Copy this file over to the DBaseArchive folder on the new PC.
  2. Open a command line, again changing the active directory to be the Oracle bin folder. Then execute this command: 
impdp ttp/factory directory=ARCHIVE dumpfile=FULL.DMP table_exists_action=replace 

This will exactly duplicate the original database on the new PC. 

You should then be able to start up Director on the new PC and lab2lab will come back up.