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Shutting down lab2lab - 8.2 Shutting down director

If it is necessary to shut down the Director application e.g. for a Config file change, the safest time to do this is when the system is idle i.e., no vials are likely to move (ideally when the system is completely empty of vials). However, due to the constant use that lab2lab can be put under, this may not always be possible.  

If lab2lab has vials present, and is continuously in use, it is important to get it into a safe state before shutting down. Specifically, it is best to ensure that lab2lab is not actively transporting a vial, otherwise there is the possibility that a valve will be left open, blowing air continuously until the software is restarted.  

To ensure a controlled shutdown sequence you need to use the “System Availability” controls in the Management page of the Director Settings. 


The correct steps to take when shutting down the Director are: 

  1. Uncheck the “Instruments to receive vials” check box. With this un-checked no vials will get sent to instruments for analysis. Any vials at instruments will be analyzed and sent back to the Router.
  2. Once all the instruments are idle (green) and no analyses are taking place uncheck the Senders check box. This will stop any vials being sent from Senders and will also display a message on the Sender LCD screens saying that the system is currently under maintenance.  

    Wait for a few seconds to allow any scientists to see the Sender message and then uncheck the Clients check box. With this de-selected anyone attempting to register a vial will see a message saying that vial registration is temporarily disabled.
  3. Finally uncheck the Transport check box. This will stop the system from moving any vials, for example from the Buffer to waste because they have been in the system for too long.
  4. Once you are sure that the system is idle the Director software can be shutdown. 

    From a vial transportation point of view, the Director application can then be shut down safely. However, this could leave vials with processes marked as Running. On re-starting the software, it would then be necessary to manually check for completed processes and edit vials accordingly. Alternatively, having shutdown the Management layer, you would then wait until all Processes marked as Running have been set to Completed. This is the safest state in which to shut down an active lab2lab system.