Error recovery - 7.9 Vial no longer in receiver when arm retracted

There are two probable causes for this error: either the cap sensor did not detect the vial or when the instrument's sampling needle was withdrawn after aspiration, it pulled the vial out of the Receiver arm.  

  1. In Director, go to the instrument's page, and disable the instrument and the Receiver.
  2. Use the Receiver controls to extend the Receiver arm.
  3. Inspect the arm and locate the vial. If it was present but not detected, check the cleanness of the vial cap and of the vial sensor (circled below).  
  4. Replace the vial.
  5. If you cannot find the vial in the arm, look in the autosampler. If you find it there, replace it in the arm.
  6. If the vial has been sampled, but not returned to the Router, use the Receiver controls to manually blow the vial back. Ensure that the shuttle is at the Transport Pipe position (indicated by the “At Transport Pipe” being active: if it isn’t click on the “Move to Transport Pipe” button). When it is in position activate the Blow output.
  7. Use the Receiver controls to retract the arm, and reset the instrument.
  8. On the Receiver page, check the last analysis run to confirm that the sample was analyzed. 

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