Error recovery - 7.10 Vial fails to arrive at the router

If a vial fails to arrive at the Router within a given time span the system will “blip” the pneumatic valves in the Router and the sending device, in an attempt to dislodge a vial which may have got stuck against an edge in a misaligned transport pipe. If this does not work, you will need to manually retrieve the vial. 

On the Router page of Director, this control interface is displayed.  

  1. When you have identified the transport pipe in which the vial is stuck, select its transport port in the drop-down box above the 'Move to' button. All the potential 38 port numbers are all listed here: those that lead to a real device (Sender, Buffer, Bin etc) will be list in the format “6 (Sender.1)” etc.
  2. To move the Router to the specific port, select the “Move To” button.
    Once the Router has moved to the required port, the display is updated to show the Router's position. 
  3. You can then activate the Suck or Blow valves to try and retrieve the stuck vial. Sucking the vial back to the Router will enable you to continue and reset the system, but you may also need to blow the vial from the device at the end of the pipe, to get it to move.
  4. The Vial Arrived input sensor is vacuum based, so the Router can only detected that it has a vial when the Suck valve is active; the presence of the vial blocks an outlet hole causing the pressure to drop.
  5. Once a vial has been manually sucked to the Router, click on the Check Catcher Contents button to get the Router to attempt to read the vial’s barcode. 

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