Error recovery - 7.7 Vial fails to leave the buffer

If a vial fails to lift out of the Buffer rack to go to the Router, the system will automatically retry 5 times in quick succession. If the vial still fails to lift, the system will re-home the Buffer’s XY stage, then return to the problem cell and try again. If the vial again fails to lift, you will need to manually free the stuck vial.  

This error does not stop lab2lab operating - Director will try not to use the Buffer location - so plan to remove the stuck vial from the Buffer when the system is idle, to minimize inconvenience.  

  1. Use the 'System Availability' options in the Management tab in Director's Service | Settings to take Transport offline.
  2. Go to the Buffer and eject the rack, using the Eject button on the Buffer page in Director.
  3. Locate the vial and remove it from the rack. 
  4. Clean the outside of the vial and return it to the same location.
  5. Close the Buffer stage using the load/eject button.
  6. In Director, right click on the rack location on the Buffer page and re-enable it.
  7. Re-enable the Transport logic so that the system restarts. 
  8. Monitor the Buffer in Director, and check that the vial leaves the rack. If it doesn't, and there is nothing obviously wrong with the vial, contact reliance.

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