Error recovery - 7.3 Free vial trapped in transport (flexible) pipe

This is a serious problem, and will require some investigation to locate the vial. If this fault has occurred, contact reliance for assistance.  

If a transport pipe has been damaged or kinked so that vials cannot pass through it, it needs repairing. 

  1. Use the 'System Availability' options in the Management tab in Director's Service|Settings to take Transport offline if you will need to take e.g. the Router offline to free the vial.
  2. Take the devices closest to the trapped vial offline, using Director. 
  3. Switch off power to the connected devices.
  4. First try to manually flex and reshape the pipe so that it is circular, which should remove minor distortions and kinks. This may free the vial. 
  5. If that does not work, check that you have spare black lab2lab pipe connectors and a spare section of transport pipe. You can obtain any spares you need from SPT Labtech. 
  6. Cut out the pipe using pipe cutters: making sure you cut square, and free the vial. Reconnect the cut ends with a pipe connector as shown above.
  7. If the pipe is damaged, cut out the affected section and free the vial. 
  8. Replace it with a new section, connecting it with two pipe connectors. 
  9. Power up. 
  10. Using Director, bring the affected devices back online.
  11. Read the vial's barcode, to identify it.
  12. Edit the vial in Director to remove it from the system.
  13. If it is undamaged, resubmit the vial from any Sender. 

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