Error recovery - 7.13 System down

This is the most serious error state: lab2lab is completely shut down until the error is resolved. The system sends an e-mail notification to both the internal and external recipients listed in Director so reliance will be aware of the problem.  

Likely causes for this error are: 

  • the license for the system is not valid - this will require reliance assistance to resolve 
  • a vial has been lost in transit which auto-recovery processes cannot locate.  
  • Router has lost comms 

You will need to physically search for the vial within the system, using the methods above and also checking that it is not still jammed in a Sender. Once you have found and retrieved the vial and read its barcode for confirmation, you can edit its location and then reset lab2lab from Director to bring it back online. 

Information: Do not set the vial's location to Not in System just because you could not find the physical vial, it will only lead to more problems. Only do this if you have physically removed the vial. 


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