Error recovery - 7.12 Vial trapped in the router

If a vial is trapped in the Router e.g. because it is damaged, you will need to manually remove it.  

Danger: The contents of vials may be harmful by skin contact or by inhalation. Wear appropriate PPE when handling damaged vials 

  1. Using Director, disable the Router. 
  2. Power it down. 
  3. Remove the acrylic cover by undoing the finger release screws.
  4. The trapped vial will be visible at the end of the rotating arm, as shown below.  
  5. Using a 4mm hex key, remove the holder at the end of the arm, and then remove the vial from the holder. 
  6. To re-fit the holder, place a 0.1mm feeler gauge (or single sheet of A4 paper) between the Router top plate and the top face of the holder. 
  7. Screw the holder back in place with the 4mm hex key. 
  8. When the holder is secure, remove the feeler gauge or paper to allow the Router to operate.
  9. Refit the cover.
  10. Power up.
  11. Re-enable the Router in Director. 
  12. Resubmit the vial at a Sender. 

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