Error recovery - 7.11 Retrieving a vial without a cap

Danger: The contents of vials may be harmful by skin contact or by inhalation. Wear appropriate PPE when handling damaged or open vials 

If a cap comes off a vial travelling between the Router and a Receiver the error message may say that the vial failed to arrive but inspecting the Receiver would find that the vial did arrive but without its cap. In this case it is necessary to:  

  1. In Director, go to the instrument's page, and disable the instrument and the Receiver.
  2. Use the Receiver controls to extend the Receiver arm.
  3. Inspect the arm and locate the vial. Remove it.
  4. If the vial contents have leaked onto the Receiver, clean this up. 
  5. Having done this the vial and cap should be discarded (unless there is still enough sample to analyze). If discarded the administrator should got to the Vials screen in the Director application and find the vial in question (it will be the one whose location is set to “Transport Pipe to …”). Having selected that vial click on the Edit button and set its Location to Not In System and its Destination to No Destination. Do this even if you are going to resubmit the vial.
  6. Then reset the system. 
  7. If there was sufficient sample remaining, you could resubmit the vial at a Sender.
  8. Contact the scientist who submitted it and inform that that they will not receive any results from this analysis, if there was no sample to analyze. Also remind them not to overfill vials, and to cap them carefully.

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