Labware - 4.0

lab2lab systems use a specific plastic vial, available from SPT Labtech. 

Part Number



lab2lab Vial HP 350 complete (tube & cap) pack of 5,000 

  • The maximum working volume of the vial is 350μL, the practical minimum (dead volume) is 50μL. 
  • The vials are not fitted with a filter.  
  • You must pre-filter samples before dispensing into lab2lab vials to ensure column blockages are minimized. 
  • Common solvents e.g. CH3CN (Acetonitrile), (CH3)2SO (DMSO), CH₃OH (methanol), C₂H₅OH (ethanol) and water (and dilutions of these solvents with water) are compatible with the vials. However the vials are currently incompatible with CHCl₃ (chloroform) - contact SPT Labtech for further advice if you want to use chloroform. 
  • The vial has a snap fit cap with a burst pressure of approx. 5 bar. This is necessary when undertaking reaction monitoring where high gas pressures can be generated inside the vial.

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