Before use - 5.1 Connection to services

All devices should be connected to 6 bar building supply at approximately 300L/min flow. All items should be fed by 6mm polyurethane tubing. See the 'lab2lab Installation Requirements' for more detail. 

Every device requires mains power (100-230VAC). All Senders, Automation Senders, Collection Points, Receivers and Transceivers are powered by a 24V DC supply and supplied with an appropriate 24V DC PSU. The Router uses a laptop type PSU, the Buffer is directly powered from the mains. 

Every device except the Buffer requires a LAN connection. All Senders, Collection Points and Receivers are connected to the LAN via RJ45 connectors that are inserted into the back of the devices. The Router and Transceivers have the LAN connection on the bottom of the unit. 

The central lab2lab control PC (which hosts the Director application) must be able to connect to each device. Either fixed IP addresses, or network names and DHCP are acceptable. The amount of network traffic that lab2lab generates is minimal but it is essential that packet transmission is reliable. The software has been developed to include automated re-tries, but the system will be more reliable when run across a good network. 


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