Lab2lab software - 6.2 Setup files

On start-up four files are read in by the Director application from its Config folder. These are: 

If any of these files are not present on start-up lab2lab will display an explanatory error message and shut down.  

SPT Labtech will edit the contents of these files for each new installation of lab2lab. They will supervise any subsequent edits e.g. because a system is expanded.  

All three files contain a System Name parameter. For Director to run, this name must be the same in all three files. If it is not, an error message will be shown and the application will not start. The system name will appear at the top of the application window. It will also be passed to the Client software and similarly displayed at the top of the window. If you wish to change the system name e.g. if the company name changes, you should contact reliance to get a new license file and to have the other files edited accordingly. 

6.2.1 lab2lab.ini file

The lab2lab.ini file contains information about the analytical instrument processes. You can edit this text file, once trained, without needing to consult SPT Labtech. You may need to do this to revise the list of available analyses for assignment to vials during registration, for example. See the 'lab2lab System Administrator's Manual' for a detailed explanation of the possible contents of this file.

6.2.2 Config.xml

The Config.xml contains all the low-level configuration parameters in an XML file. Erroneous editing of this could easily render lab2lab un-usable. See the 'lab2lab System Administrator's Manual' for a full description of its contents.  

6.2.3 SchematicLayout.xml

This file holds information about where on the main Director system layout view the various components should be positioned e.g. so they are representative of the physical layout. When the layout is edited by a user, the software automatically updates this file. This file is created by the Director software when it first starts up.  

6.2.4 License

This is an encrypted file that contains information about the license details for each lab2lab system. It specifies which features the system is permitted to have e.g. the number and type of instruments and the number of Clients. It may also include license information about special features in the software and any applicable expiration dates. The details of the system license can be viewed by clicking on the Licence button in the main menu bar. 

On start-up the Director application decrypts this file and checks that the system setup does not exceed the licensed values.  



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