Lab2lab overview - 3.1 Overall layout

The diagram below depicts a typical building-wide installation of lab2lab. Illustrations in this manual are generic and do not correspond to particular installations. 

The PCs on the upper levels could all be running the lab2lab Client application, as it is helpful to install this on a PC close to a Sender, though not essential. The PCs next to the instruments are their controlling PCs (running Lab2Lab_OpenLAB software, Waters MassLynx, etc.) and the PC next to the Buffer and the Collection Point could be running the lab2lab Director application.

0691c3d6-a62c-4ae0-860f-85f28f87eac2Optionally, lab2lab systems may be linked together by building2building. 


Lab2lab overview - 3.2 Pneumatic transport system >>>