Before Use - 5.2 Software Installation

When commissioning a new lab2lab system SPT Labtech staff will carry out all initial software installation and configuration. SPT Labtech staff will install the Director application on a dedicated PC and the instrument controllers on the analytical instruments' PCs. 

The main lab2lab PC on which the Director application runs requires no additional security protection beyond that which applies to all PCs on the site network, as it assumed that only authorized staff will have access to it.  

For the various lab2lab software and hardware components to be able to communicate with each other their network ID (either IP addresses or network names) and TCP Port in use need to be correctly specified in various configuration files. SPT Labtech staff will do this during system setup.  

The Client application can be installed on any PC on the network. Any user should be able to do this without SPT Labtech supervision. To make it as straightforward as possible, SPT Labtech will provide a site specific .msi installation file for the lab2lab Client. When run, this will install Client pre-configured to connect to the Director application.  

You must install Microsoft’s .NET framework (version 4.8 or higher) on any PC which will be used to run lab2lab software. SPT Labtech staff will install it on PCs when setting up a lab2lab system but you will need to download it free from Microsoft’s website and install it on any additional PCs which you set up e.g. for additional Clients.


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