Submitting a sample - 2.1 - Preparing a sample vial

Before you use lab2lab to send a vial for analysis, check that it has been correctly prepared: 

  • The contents have been filtered. The vials are not fitted with any kind of filter so samples must be pre-filtered before dispensing into the vials to ensure column blockages are minimized. 
  • The vial has not been overfilled. Too high a liquid level can prevent vials from being capped properly. 350μl is the maximum fill volume for standard vials.  
  • The vial must have a sufficient fluid depth when it arrives at the analytical instrument. This requires a minimum sample volume of 50μl. 
  • The cap is firmly 'clicked' in place. When you cap a vial correctly, there is an audible click. 

IMPORTANT: You must check that the vial's cap is secure. If vials lose their caps while in the lab2lab system, devices will need to be taken offline while the vial and cap are found and lab2lab is decontaminated. This reduces system availability for all users. 


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