System - 11.5 - Liquid classes

Liquid classes enable you to define aspirate and dispense settings for liquids which you frequently use in protocols. This enables you to design protocols more efficiently, as once you select the liquid class, the aspirate or dispense properties are automatically set to the appropriate values for that liquid.

You can also download liquid classes from Community.

Using liquid classes is entirely optional, firefly software always allows you to set protocol step
parameters manually.

11.5.1 - Create a liquid class

To create a new liquid class, click on the '+' on the Liquid Classes form.

liquid class iconsUse the copy function (middle button) to copy an existing liquid class and open it for editing. Name your liquid class and optionally add a description.

Liquid class_1

Set aspirate and dispense parameters for pipetting (liquid classes are not used for dispense
steps). These may be based on your experience with other liquid handling instruments. The
parameters have brief descriptions. You can also deselect certain features such as tip tracking, if
you do not want to use them.

Liquid class_2

If you need to vary your settings with increasing volumes, you can define multiple sets of
parameters for specific volume ranges, using 'Add Volume Range' (on the right, next to Save).

liquid class functionsIf you do this, firefly will automatically select the correct parameters for the volumes in your
protocol pipetting step.

Liquid class_3

Save your liquid class to make it available for use.

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