Running a protocol - Super user - 8.4 firefly setup

firefly software includes set up guides for loading labware and consumables to run a protocol.

The 'Skip' option allows you to load firefly without using the guide, simply using this view as an
instruction, if you are an experienced user. You can also use 'Skip' to bypass any steps which are
not required, which is useful when testing a newly designed protocol with a simulated instrument.

  1. Ensure you have all your items ready e.g. cold plates are chilled, syringes are assembled,
    before starting to load firefly.
  2. Select 'Next' to start the set up guide. If firefly has already run a protocol, it starts by verifying that the instrument is empty of labware.

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If the dispense head is required, it will then prompt you to remove any used syringes.

Each subsequent step shows a specific operation and has options for 'Skip', Get Access',
'Back' and 'Next'. Buttons are greyed out when an option is not available.

If the step shows a plate thermal module or reservoir thermal module, click 'Set
Temperature' to begin heating or cooling.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions for loading each item and the standard user instructions
for physical loading.

  1. Select 'Get Access', unless you are loading syringes in which case follow the loading
  2. Open the door.
  3. Load your materials (see specific instructions below).
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to put each item on the deck location specified. firefly cannot validate
    that you have done this correctly so you must follow the instructions exactly or your protocol
    will fail.
  4. Close the door.
  5. Click 'Next' on the wizard, or 'Back' if you are loading materials in a different order to
    that suggested and repeat the loading process for the next item.
    When all materials and consumables are loaded, the wizard will show 'Setup complete'

Execute setup complete

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