Designing protocols - 9.6 - Testing your protocol in simulation

If you are using a standalone installation of firefly software, it will include a simulated firefly instrument which is started and connected automatically when you open the firefly app.

Use the simulated firefly to test run your protocol before you transfer it to your lab instrument.

To test a protocol design using the simulated instrument, select 'Execute' as you would on the
instrument. Execute is not enabled if a protocol has errors, you will need to address those first.

NOTE: Superusers do not have permission to use development functions by default. firefly administrators will need to add this permission to their profile, or create an additional profile type which has this permission. 

Before you start running a protocol, you can enable one or both of the development tools:

development functions

  • Use 'Enable single step' to work through a protocol one step at a time; this is useful if you want to review the logs at each point before continuing.
  • Use 'Ignore pause steps' to speed up protocol test runs.

If your protocol cannot complete, you will get feedback on the step which failed - shown as red
text in the Execution Logs.

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