Running a protocol - Super user - 8.3 Checking required materials

To check the labware and reagents required, use the 'Required Labware and Consumables' screen (you may need to scroll down to see everything).

Execute set up materials

IMPORTANT: This will not show you the materials and equipment you will need for the steps which are not performed on firefly.

Before you start you should review the SOP for the protocol to see what additional equipment you will need, particularly as you may need to have other equipment ready for immediate transfer of plates e.g. for PCR.

8.3.1 Differing labware versions

If you open a protocol which was created a while back, you may be alerted that the labware
definitions used are out of date.

Similarly, if you download a protocol which has newer labware definitions than those in your local
database, you will see a warning that your local labware definitions need updating.

A screenshot of a computer error message

Description automatically generated

Clicking 'OK' does not update your definitions so you do not need to do anything if your protocol
has been running with no problems and you are using existing labware. The protocol will still run.

However if you have new labware you may wish to update to the latest definitions which will be
dimensionally accurate if there have been changes.

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