Community - 10.3 Liquid Classes

You can also download liquid classes from the Cloud based firefly Community.

These are optional; you can design and execute firefly protocols without using them, but they are a convenience as they characterise commonly used solvents and serums.

community liquid classes

Search for liquid classes by name. When you have found the liquid class you want, click the blue
arrow to download it. The download arrow will be replaced by the word 'Installed'. It will then be available to use in protocols. If you cannot find the liquid class you wanted, you can define it.

If you had previously installed a liquid class and the definition has since been updated, you will see 'Update' instead of 'Installed'. Updating is optional; if your current definition is performing well, you may not wish to revise it. You can check the Last Modified date to see what would be more appropriate.

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