Using the sequencer

Preparation and set up

To run multiple layers sequentially, start the sequencer by opening the sequencer dialog:

Note that it is possible to pause the sequencer after a layer, e.g. to load a highly sensitive reagent that needs adding as shortly before the dispense as possible or to take the plate off the dragonfly discovery temporarily to spin the plate.

Ensure that:

  • pauses are only set where needed,
  • heads are not assigned twice across layers (look at the overview to check),
  • that all reservoirs are filled with the correct liquids and amounts before continuing.

Running experiments with the sequencer

Just as when running an individual layer, make sure the tip guard is raised and the reservoir tray
clicked into position beforehand.

The sequencer will start running from the layer that is selected, so make sure to select the right

There is an option to pause the sequencer in case manual intervention is required such as taking
the plate off for spinning or to swap out syringes in case more than 10 heads are required during
the experiment.

Using the sequencer in simulation mode

To pre-run the experiment in simulation mode, tick the ‘Run in simulation’ checkbox and then
‘Run’. Note that the simulation includes any pre-dispense delays or time courses.

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