Design feedback

Warnings appear when the software detects potential issues that may occur when using the
dragonfly discovery. These will not prevent dragonfly discovery from running.

Error messages appear when the software detects issues that will prevent a layer from running.
These must be resolved before dragonfly discovery can be run.

The software shows a red error bar along the bottom edge if a problem is detected.

Instrument in error

When the system is in the error state:

  • Check the syringes, reservoir and plate deck for obstructions.
  • Check the cables and connections to the instrument.
  • Click on the Status page, this displays the Error Log. The most recent message may provide a clue to the part of the instrument that is malfunctioning.

Reset the instrument using the Reset button on the Status page.

If resetting the instrument does not cure the error, contact reliance. Do not continue pressing Reset.

A full reset is recommended whenever the instrument has:

  • Been interrupted by external interference, for example the plate deck has been nudged.
  • Been unattended for more than a few hours or to ensure that the system is operating
  • Stalled.

Common problems

Problem Response
Instrument fails to turn on Check power connections.
Software fails to connect to instrument Check ethernet connections.Shutdown software before power cycling dragonfly discovery. After dragonfly discovery is turned on wait 30 seconds before starting the software.
In Windows Device Manager check that the COM ports match those in the dragonfly discovery config file.
One or more syringe plungers have failed to
move on aspirate
Check that physical syringe positioning matches that shown on the Setup page.
Ensure syringes are correctly twist-locked into position – look for the green syringe present light.
Check that there is a plunger present in the syringe.
Large air gap between plunger and liquid Check reservoir volume is sufficient.
The syringe may have leaked; if so, it should be replaced.
Wells have overflowed Check that the ‘Well Volume’ is correct on the Gradient page.
Check the correct plate type is being used.
Dispense shots are not aligned with wells Check correct plate type is selected.
Check plate orientation in nest.
Contact reliance.
Plate has crashed into syringes Check the plate for damage and ensure it is good for reuse before reloading it – if in doubt use a fresh plate.
Check syringe tips for damage and if in doubt replace.
Check the plate type in use is the type specified.
Warning Message ‘Minimum shot size exceeds limit’ Check that the ‘Well Volume’ is correct on the Gradient page.
The optimisation CSV file may need to be re-written using the dragonfly designer.
Warning Message ‘Incomplete setup’ Check that all syringes have been aspirated on the Setup page.
Aspirate or Run button are
Check that the tip guard is raised.
Check that the reservoir is clicked into position.
Check syringes are inserted in all required head positions.
Tip guard button is disabled The machine might be busy either dispensing or awaiting the next dispense during an incubation period or a time course.


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