Care and maintenance - dragonfly Discovery

Cleaning - Routine cleaning

Turn off the instrument. Clean it by gently wiping it using a soft lint free cloth.

Tip Guard

The underside of the tip guard should be cleaned regularly:

  1. Remove all syringes.
  2. Turn off the instrument.
  3. Slide the reservoir tray into the park position on the right hand side to improve access.
  4. Clean the tip guard, gently wipe it using a soft lint free cloth.

Incubation lid

The incubation lid is made of a high performing plastic resin and designed to be re-used. It can be removed and washed, steam autoclaved multiple times or wiped down with alcohols. You can
purchase replacement lids if required.


Reservoirs are designed to be single use, but if you wish you can wash them for reuse.

Clearing up spillages

If you have a spillage e.g. from very full reservoirs:

  1. Stop the instrument before you do anything else
  2. Switch off

If the spillage is small and easily contained:

  1. Mop up the liquid, using appropriate PPE for the reagents in use.
  2. Select cleaning agents which are compatible with the spilled material and will not react with
  3. Using appropriate PPE for both the reagents and the cleaning agent, clean where the spillage occurred.

If you have a substantial spillage and contaminate the instrument, contact reliance for advice.

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