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  3. dragonfly discovery Auto-Feed Reservoirs (AFRS)

Using the AFR tray

In order to accommodate auto-feed reservoirs, you must use the AFR tray (shown below) instead
of the standard reservoir tray.

The AFR tray has two parts: the plastic lower part and the metal cover plate which is used if you
want to use a combination of AFRs with either type of manual reservoirs.

Install or remove AFRs as shown below:

Feed the tubes through the tube guides on the back or the front of the AFR reservoir tray to stop
them getting trapped or pinched during operation. You can use the cover plate to keep the tubes
in place.

Note: Ensure that there is enough slack in the tubing going to the AFR tray to allow it to move freely up and down to the syringes.

Pumped and Self-primed AFR tubing diameters differ, so they are not interchangeable.

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