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Connecting Self-primed AFRs

Self-primed AFRs are supplied with tubing and two one-way valves. There is a yellow marker
around the tubing; this is the supply side. Place it in the source container.

Connect the Self-primed AFRs to a source bottle as shown below, checking you have the correct
valve direction of flow:

afr h3

Keep the supply tubing submerged in the source reagent container during operation. SPT Labtech supply bottle caps in common sizes to use with AFR tubing.

The return can be either fed back into the source container as shown or to a waste container.

Note: During operation; make sure the tubing is not trapped, blocked or kinked and that the supply tube will stay submerged in the source reagent.

Note: tubing for Self-primed AFRs can be cut down to minimise volume in the tubes by trimming the open ends. Do not cut between the valves and the AFRs.

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