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Using Self-primed AFRs

By default, all reservoir positions will be set to standard manual reservoirs. To change the
configuration, open the Reservoir Configuration dialog:

The Reservoir Configuration dialog will show the different reservoir options for each position:
manual on the left, and AFR on the right.

To change a manual reservoir to an auto-feed reservoir, select the AFR icon.

An auto-feed reservoir must be associated with a reservoir group. A reservoir group represents all reservoir positions that are connected to the same liquid source. A reservoir group can consist of 1, 2, 3 or 6 positions. The image shows a reservoir setup with one reservoir group that consists of 3 positions, and so feeds 3 syringes.

Once you have set up the group correctly, click ‘Save’ and close the dialog.

The Setup page on the Layer Details view shows any reservoir groups which are set up, and which positions are connected. The screenshot below shows a setup with 2 reservoir groups, each feeding 3 syringe positions.

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