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Connecting Pumped AFRs

Connect Pumped AFRs to the peristaltic pump and supply liquid as shown below:

To set up the pump:

1. Insert the beige peristaltic pump tubing (Masterflex® PharMed® BPT) into the Ismatec®
peristatic pump cassette, as shown below:

2. Load the cassette into a free channel of the Ismatec® peristaltic pump.
Note: Make sure tubing is not trapped, pinched, blocked or kinked in any way before running the peristaltic pump
3. Set up the Pumped AFR and pump in software.
4. Set up the peristaltic pump in software. Make sure you set it up to pump in the direction of the AFRs.
5. Set this channel to run at 40rpm and pumping in the direction of the AFRs (see the
connection diagram above and refer to the Ismatec® user manual supplied with the pump).

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