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Auto-Feed Reservoirs (AFRs)

Auto feed reservoirs (AFRs) are an optional extra for dragonfly discovery that enable the supply of higher volumes of reagents than the standard reservoirs. There are two variants:

  • Pumped AFRs – These supply the instrument with reagent that is being circulated via a peristaltic pump. Typically, these are used when bulk reagents need to be stirred or temperature controlled.
  • Self-primed AFRs – These supply the instrument with reagent which is pumped to dragonfly
    discovery by the syringe and a non-return valve in each of the supply and return tubes.
    Typically, these would be used for bulk reagent supply that does not need to be stirred.

dragonfly discovery can be set up with a variety of different reservoir types, differentiated
between manual reservoirs and auto-feed reservoirs.

Note, when using AFRs, the required volume cannot be provided. You must ensure there is
sufficient reagent in the container feeding the reservoir. The total dispense volume, however, can
be found on the layer details.

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