Software overview - 11.33 Prepare grids workflow - keep sample

If the software unexpectedly closes during a grid freezing session, re-start the chameleon software as soon as it is possible to do so and press “Home” to initialize the system. The Dispose sample page will open.  


Keep sample will retain the previously aspirated sample in the dispenser and continue the workflow. Place a new grid button into the plunge bowl. The Load Grids page will open as previous grid information including which grid holder positions are occupied is not retained. Insert the grid information and select the number of grids to be glow discharged. Retest the dispenser before continuing to freeze grids.  

Dispose sample will move on to clean the dispenser and finish the workflow.  

If you are not restarting immediately, you must clean the dispenser before you leave chameleon idle for an hour or longer.

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