Software overview - 11.34 Clean dispenser workflow - clean dispenser

Press the Clean button to start the standard cleaning cycles. Once complete, use Test Dispenser to test whether the clean was sufficient. If necessary, additional cleaning cycles can be completed to restore dispenser functionality.  

Advanced cleaning options are also available if required. Use Multi-Wipe Dispenser to more thoroughly wipe debris or liquid from the face of the dispenser tip. Use Remove Debris to more thoroughly backflush the dispenser with chamclean if debris is trapped inside of the dispenser.  


After cleaning or additional troubleshooting is finished, replace the dispenser cleaning vial, if needed, and fill with methanol.  

Press Dry to perform a methanol backflush to dry the dispenser. The dispenser must be dried before pressing Continue


Press Continue after the dispenser cleaning/troubleshooting has been completed.

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