Software overview - 11.32 Prepare grids workflow - report generation

Press the Generate Report button or icon (upper right toolbar) to navigate to the report page.  

Options available for outputting data: 

  • All grids, by session report includes all grids (accepted & rejected) 
  • Accepted grids only, by session report includes only accepted grids 
  • Individual Grids report includes information for a single grid at a time 
  • Videos Only allows you to view or output individual videos or videos from a whole session 

Choose one of the output options, then choose the session or grid. To output a report, press Create Report. To output a video or group of videos, select the video(s) of interest and then choose Save or Save All respectively. 

You can add notes to individual reports by typing the note into the text box and pressing the Add note button. Previously added notes can be viewed in the Session notes box and also within the generated report. Notes are date and timestamped.  

Once reports/videos have been output and saved, close the software. 

IMPORTANT: Remember to remove the humidifier supply bottle from the humidifier at the end of the session! 


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