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25 May, 2018

Experiencing TTP Labtech Ltd., at work

Week 1.

My name is Eleanor and this is the first of a two part blog capturing my work experience at TTP Labtech. 

Day one at TTP Labtech started with an induction and a site tour which was extremely useful and interesting. For most of the day I was with the marketing team. They told me what their jobs consist of, what software they use and how they use it, which made me realize that there are so many jobs within different disciplines that no one tells you about but are very rewarding and interesting.

jpg of Eleanor
Eleanor on 2 week work experience
placement at TTP Labtech

jpg of mosquito LCP
mosquito LCP callibration setting

During day 2, I worked on the final stages of a ‘mosquito’ build (a nanolitre pipetting robot). I calibrated the pipettes and the syringe on the LCP model and then watched how they packaged it for shipping. Then I learnt how to wire up a mosquito and I was allowed to put my learning into practice. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot from the manufacturing team. Afterwards I researched the different types of mosquito and their functions. I concluded that they are very complex machines which have made a significant difference in the pharmaceutical and drug industries.

Day 3 and 4 were spent working on electrics. I tested the voltage of mains electricity and then built a power supply.  I learnt how to wire up DC and mains and how to wire up a plug. I now know a lot more about wires, what the colors mean and how to strip/solder them. I also spent some time in the workshop making a part for the power supply. I had a go at milling, de-burring and sanding and got shown around the workshop. It was great to experience what DT and engineering can lead to.

On day 5, the other work experience pupils and I were taught how to write CV’s, cover letters and how to excel in an interview. We had mock interviews and got useful feedback on what went well and what we could improve on. We also wrote a practice cover letter and gained loads of advice on structuring a formal letter and what's appropriate to write in one.

Look out for part two of my work experience blog next week.