TTP Labtech reports SLAS 2012 as a resounding success: New product launches mosquito® HV, aequus and arktic make a big impact


25 March, 2012

TTP Labtech generated substantial interest with the launch of three innovative new products at SLAS 2012. The mosquito® HV automated liquid handler, aequus non-contact solvent level monitor and arktic -80ºC biobanking solution were unveiled on the first day of the exhibition. Attracting attention from delegates and media alike, all three products were exceptionally well received, resulting in an overwhelming number of visitors to the stand over the two day exhibition.

Joby Jenkins, product manager for mosquito, commented “the mosquito HV generated a large amount of attention from a screening perspective. For example, for the creation of acoustic-ready dilution plates, as well as for 96- and 384-well assays where high volumes are required. In addition, there was a great deal of interest for use in high throughput qPCR and rtPCR applications”.

Simon Tullet, product manager for arktic and aequus, also commented that “the arktic and aequus proved very popular at SLAS. Our arktic biobanking solution appealed due to its size, capacity and price whilst aequus was well received as a niche product. By eliminating the need for manual monitoring of solvent levels, aequus will be useful for many laboratories, including applications beyond analytical chemistry”.

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