TTP Labtech extends liquid handling capabilities for HTS


22 February, 2008

New add-on bulk dispenser module launched for the mosquito™ nanoliter pipettor

Royston, UK  TTP Labtech has developed a bulk dispenser to extend the capabilities of mosquito®, its automated nanolitre liquid handler. The new add-on head provides bulk reagent dispensing from eight independent channels to offer assay miniaturization through precise pipetting of compounds in up to 1536-well microplates. With its disposable, positive displacement pipettes that ensure zero cross-contamination and low dead volumes, the bulk dispenser transforms the capabilities of the mosquito’s proven nanolitre liquid handling into a highly flexible system for high throughput screening laboratories.

The new bulk dispense head, which can be fitted in the field by TTP Labtech service engineers, attaches directly to the mosquito HTS pipetting head and dispenses liquid from a flask/tube/bottle to part, or whole plates on the mosquito plate deck. Each ‘channel’ is supplied with an independent tube so different liquids can be supplied to specific rows of a given plate. The accurate aspiration and dispensing properties mean that mosquito HTS is ideal for creating single-step serial dilutions and preparing assay ready plates. With a variety of tube diameters and a high-precision peristaltic pump, the mosquito HTS bulk dispenser offers a high degree of flexibility for different assays, plate types, volumes and plate maps. The simple-to-operate software is integrated into the standard mosquito user interface and allows non-contact bulk dispense operations to be carried out in conjunction with pipetting operations.