The 5 top reasons to use a microplate cytometer for antibody screening

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08 April, 2014

Antibody discovery is crucial for the development of antibody-based immunodiagnostics and therapeutics. ELISA and flow cytometry assays have long played a key role in antibody screening. However, they have several limitations; both assay formats require large cell numbers, time-consuming washing steps and are rather slow at acquiring data. In particular, they can struggle to detect cell surface antigens expressed at low levels (which are often some of the most interesting!).

High sensitivity microplate cytometry can help by speeding up the preparation stages and minimizing the amount of costly reagents required.

To help illustrate the benefits of the approach, we’ve put together an infographic highlighting the top reasons why TTP Labtech’s microplate cytometer (mirrorball®) could help improve your antibody screening process:

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The 5 key benefits of antibody screening using microplate cytometry:

1. super high throughput

Easily scale up to high throughput and screen whole libraries in a day (up to 150,000 samples can be processed per day, in some cases increasing throughput over 50 fold).

2. faster and easier 

The efficient “mix-and-read” assay type needs little hands-on time and doesn’t involve any wash steps.

3. use lower sample volumes

The high sensitivity detection system uses as little as 5μL of sample and lower reaction volumes, reducing costs up to 15 fold. At the same time, the amount of antigen required can be lowered by as much as 25 times!

4. detect multiple antigens simultaneously thanks to multicolour detection

The multi-laser capabilities of mirrorball enable simultaneous multicolour detection, while the system also effectively excludes background fluorescence during scanning.

5. ideal for adherent and suspension cells

Regardless of whether of your cells are adherent or in suspension, you can use mirrorball to carry out rapid antibody screening.


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