How to get a virtual analytical laboratory on your bench-top

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02 July, 2014

how to get a virtual analytical laboratory on your bench-top

When William Murdock invented the first pneumatic message system in the 19th century he envisaged anything from small parcels being sent across a room to whole trains being blown through tunnels. While its use for communicating information has been superseded, pneumatic tubes are widely used for transporting small objects where convenience and speed in a local environment is useful. In the US, drive through banks use pneumatic tube systems to transport cash, checks and documents overhead or underground.

They have also remained a mainstay technology in hospitals because of the proven value they deliver to the lab, blood bank, and pharmacy departments.

In research laboratories, today’s scientists need easy access to a multiplicity of analytical instrumentation. TTP Labtech’s lab2lab uses proprietary pneumatic technology deployed in its comPOUND® sample storage system, to send samples to analytical equipment for investigation direct from your laboratory bench. This means you can focus on your work rather than manage your sample’s progress!

lab2lab optimizes sample flow, placing samples that need rapid analysis as a priority in front of any queue. Less important samples can be programmed to be analyzed during instrument quiet times such as late evenings or overnight. The ability to link lab2lab to multiple analytical instruments reduces the turn-around time significantly, and minimizes any potential backlog if one instrument is taken off-line. These features significantly enhance the lab management process.

At Novartis, Horsham, UK over 150,000 samples have been analyzed with lab2lab over the last 3 years. Receiving samples from a multi-story building the lab2lab system reliably processes more than 400 samples per day thus greatly reducing the burden on scientists from running samples themselves. At Novartis, Basel, Switzerland where the second lab2lab system is installed, over 100,000 samples have been analyzed so far. lab2lab is connected to multiple UPLC/MS systems which are operational 24/7.

Apart from transport to analytical instrumentation, lab2lab can also be integrated seamlessly with storage systems for efficient lab management. This includes integration with TTP Labtech’s comPOUND storage system.

Analytical chemistry has evolved too – lab2lab is the smart way to submit analytical samples!