No more ‘wash and wait”, now you can just ‘add and read’!

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02 November, 2016

Developing complex immunoassays for antibody discovery faster using the mirrorball cytometer

Have you ever wondered if those moments of standing by the sink washing out your ELISA plate and bashing it on a tissue, could be better spent?

Immunoassays have been, and are still, an essential tool during many stages of the drug discovery process, but these assays can become a bottleneck due to limited throughput and capability. ELISAs are simple and inexpensive but can only detect one target thus numerous individual assays are required to measure multiple targets. Newer approaches address some of these limitations through multiplexing or homogeneous assay formats, however, these often result in greatly increased reagent and consumable costs. Many are limited in flexibility to just immunoassays, whereas more versatile systems such as flow cytometry are generally less suited to a screening environment.

Meet the alternative – mirrorball®, a highly sensitive fluorescence cytometer!

As you know, time is of the essence when it comes to antibodies, antibody derivatives or peptide discovery. mirrorball offers an image-based alternative to traditional flow cytometry and ELISA that is specifically designed to accelerate the pace of antibody discovery.

This simple to use plate-based fluorescence cytometer provides gold standard data for multiplexed immunoassays through process efficient workflows that free up time, remove throughput barriers and alleviate budget constraints to make easy work of hit identification.

mirrorball combines the power of flow and imaging by using TTP labtech’s laser scanning technology. It offers no-wash multiplexed immunoassay protocols: add (sample, beads and/or cells, and reagent) – incubateread (~12 mins). Additionally, mirrorball provides the versatility to address downstream competition and functional characterisation assays so you can understand more about the potential efficacy of your screening hits.

Take solace in knowing that there is now an alternative to ELISA and Flow Cytometry which offers the ability to perform immunoassays which are:

  • simple – streamlined no-wash fluorescence-based ELISA protocols; simply add, incubate and read
  • productive – multiplexing. Combine antibody binding, selectivity and specificity counter-screening in one up-front screen, or design multiplexed phenotypic characterisation assays
  • flexibility – to chose an appropriate test model (sol-R™ coded beads, adherent cells analyzed in-situ, or suspension cells) based on physiologic relevance
  • versatility – run immunoassays and phenotypic screening assays in one platform; the ability to re-scan plates over time enables a kinetic read-out without destruction of cells
  • economical use – low cost of ownership; work in high-density plate formats such as 1536-well and use less sample/reagents per well, enjoy zero daily/routine maintenance and running costs
  • reliability – walk away automation. mirrorball’s no fluidic design enables you to confidently walk away and not wait by the machine for a tube to become clogged!

If you would like to find out more about mirrorball and the NEW sol-R consumable range of beads and plates please go to our website or contact one of our specialists at We’re happy to discuss your personal workflows with you and help you to identify ways in which mirrorball can save you time and money!