The importance of being a consumable!

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13 September, 2016

TTP Labtech’s sol-R microplate ensures confidence in your data!

Consumables are goods that are capable of being consumed by being destroyed, dissipated, wasted or spent. This definition implies a lack of worth but in the case of biological assays, the consumable commandeers a much higher status. If consumables are not designed appropriately, even when they are used alongside the most expensive piece of equipment in your lab, they will not produce high quality data.

Successful high-throughput screening relies on high-quality data. This needs to be considered throughout the whole process of sample collection, storage and processing. One advance that has become an accepted necessity in large screening laboratories is automation which reduces errors associated with manual operation and enables smaller volumes of materials to be processed. The full potential of automated systems can only be achieved with the help of optimized consumables.  Particularly at small volumes, pipetting accuracy and plate compatibility can increase productivity and reduce costs. This can also lead to a reduction in the number of replicates required, enabling more samples to be screened in the same time period.

TTP Labtech has recently expanded their range of screening consumables to include the sol-R™ microplate which is an affordable, high-quality, optically clear 384-well imaging plate. The plates are available in sterile and TC treated, or non-sterile, non-TC treated formats. Their optimized design provides reliable focus, good well positioning and QC tests report <3% CVs across a microplate. Although these plates have been designed to be compatible with TTP Labtech’s acumen and mirrorball fluorescence cytometers, they are equally compatible with other microscope-based imaging devices providing the customer with added flexibility.

Together with TTP Labtech’s sol-R bead range, the functionality of mirrorball can now be extended into multiplexed bead-based immunoassay applications so that there is no need to look any further for your complete solution to your multiplexed screening assays.

If you would like to find out more about TTP Labtech and their phenotypic screening solutions, including their new range of sol-R consumables, please go to the website or contact