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03 June, 2015

blog: meeting customers to find solutions that really solve their problems

TTP Labtech’s mosquito® User Group Meeting (UGM): Continued collaboration with customers equals the continued development of better products for crystallographers!

What better way to find out what protein crystallographers are doing and what developments would benefit them in their research, than to get them all in one room together and ask them. This was the aim of TTP Labtech’s inaugural mosquito User Group Meeting on 21st and 22nd April 2015 at our head office in Melbourn Science Park, Hertfordshire, UK.

This international meeting showcased 11 high profile speakers in both academic and commercial laboratories from the UK, mainland Europe, Scandinavia and Asia.

future ‘wish list’

As part of the event, TTP Labtech hosted a roundtable discussion to ascertain a ‘wish list’ for future developments. Some of these features are currently in development including integration with the Rock Maker imager for dragonfly, other ideas are being discussed as we speak!

scientific talks

mosquito was proven to function well for many techniques including crystallization in vapor diffusion, LCP, LCP-FRAP, constructing thermophore assays and crystal soaking, in situ crystallization but is also an attractive instrument outside the crystallography laboratory. One laboratory uses mosquito Crystal as its star instrument for public engagement events!

Many of the talks discussed the benefits of mosquito in crystallography for drug development commenting on its speed, accuracy and ease-of-use. New methods for screening membrane proteins were mentioned and the essential use of mosquito LCP for these experiments.

see the workings of the company

To conclude the event, TTP Labtech organized a tour of the manufacturing and development facilities which is always very popular with visitors. Customers got to see the workings of a comPOUND freezer, watch tubes travel by pneumatics across the laboratory and see how the mosquito tips are made. There was also a rare opportunity to see some of the new products in development as well!

concluding remarks

It is important as a company to have the opportunity to listen to what you, as a customer, need in order to develop the best product to meet your needs.

join future events

Due to the overwhelming success of this UGM, plans are already being made to run a similar event in the Americas in 2016. Please let us know if you would like to get involved as a speaker or delegate and we would be happy to keep you informed as plans progress – drop us a line at