How to seamlessly grow your library to a million compounds in three easy steps

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08 March, 2017

Automated solutions to improve the ‘flow’ in the sample management workflow and reduce costs

As reported in a recent survey, the top three requirements for a successful compound management system include: accessibility, the ability to maintain a dynamic collection, and compound integrity. Although it is obvious that compound management groups need to consider all these things, there is also mounting pressure to reduce costs while still retaining integrity and efficiency, which creates a challenging and complex task for compound management.

Intelligent sample management: moving compounds seamlessly – a case study from Dart NeuroScience (San Diego, USA)

Dart NeuroScience LLC (DNS) is a leading pharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery and development of innovative drugs for memory disorders. DNS made the radical decision to create more drug compounds in-house thereby protecting their own IP. To succeed in this task which would increase the size of their compound collection to 1 million compounds, many challenges would need to be overcome.

SPT Labtech Ltd. (Melbourne, UK) embraced the challenge and successfully supplied DNS with all the technology and tools to optimize their workflow in 3 easy steps:

1. Storing their compounds in high-density, automated stores

Currently, DNS possess 6 automated comPOUND freezers (SPT Labtech) that can store 1.2 million compounds. The stores are linked to increase throughput as samples held in several freezers can be simultaneously retrieved into one 96-well format rack.

2. Processing the tubes using automated retrieval and transport system

No more manual processing of tubes from store to aliquoting and then back to store. DNS is now able to process 30,000 tubes per day using SPT Labtech’s comPILER sample processing system.  The pick-time was reduced by 9-fold per 96-well plate with a saving of 1.5 FTEs.

3. Automating the creation of assay ready plates

DNS has decreased the total picking time for a 5,000 hit-picking campaign by 80% and the total personnel time required by 88%. In addition, these improvements have enabled assays to be miniaturized down to nanolitre volumes in 1536-well plates.

Dr Jose Quiroz (Associate Director at DNS) remarked, “There are three main reasons why we chose SPT Labtech as our preferred vendor: 1) The products – they had the products that did exactly what we needed them to do; 2) cost – because comPOUND is a modular system the upfront cost is reduced, but we still have the capability to expand; 3) the people – we have great trust in SPT Labtech, they have always been there when we have needed them and the service engineers go an extra mile to help customers anytime.”

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