18 Oct - 22 Oct 2016 ASHG 2016 recap


24 October, 2016

Thanks to everyone who spoke with us at ASHG 2016!

In case you missed it, you can find a full recap!

mosquito liquid handlers for genomics


  • superior accuracy and precision coupled with high speed transfers using true positive displacement pipetting technology
  • reduce sample and reagent requirements to 20 pg or less of nucleic acid and up to 50-fold reduction in reagents
  • no cross-contamination, no carryover with our low-cost disposable pipettes
  • be in control with the simple software interface by easily creating new protocol

application areas

low volume liquid handling with mosquito HTS, HV and X1

  • synthetic & molecular biology: High-throughput, miniaturized reactions for PCR, cloning and DNA assembly with mosquito
  • nucleic acid sequencing: Low cost, low volume library preparation for single cell analysis, including DNAseq, RNAseq and normalization
  • gene expression profiling: Cost-effective, high-throughput analysis of mRNA with rapid qPCR set-up

Poster title: Automated, low-cost, miniaturized RNA-Seq and DNAseq library preps

>>Get our latest app note here: This application note presents a high-throughput, miniaturized workflow, in which differentiated pancreatic stems cells were studied using single-cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq), in Dr. Louise Laurent’s lab at University of California, San Diego, USA.

>>Watch our free on-demand tutorial here: Low-volume, automated single cell RNA-seq library preparation

>>Read the latest JALA publication here: Miniaturization Technologies for Efficient Single-Cell Library Preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing

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