A vision for the future with TTP Labtech: acumen eX3 offers unparalleled high throughput image quality


21 October, 2011

TTP Labtech announce an exciting new development for its world-class, high content, microplate imaging system, the acumen® eX3.

With the addition of a new 561nm laser, it is now possible to perform additional high throughput cell based assays. This new addition enables the use of a new range of dyes to increase the multiplexing capabilities of the machine. Engineered to maximize imaging efficiency, without sacrificing quality, this platform collects and analyzes over 40 images per second, at a resolution equivalent to a 20x objective lens. Due to its ability to rapidly scan the entire well area, the acumen® eX3 has recently been used for the analysis of colony forming units from bone marrow and stem cell cultures and neutrophil adhesion assays.
The acumen® eX3 is the only high content cell based screening system capable of performing simultaneous screening and data analysis, providing read times from as fast as six minutes for 24 to 3456 well plates. The acumen®eX3 imaging platform preserves the integrity of the assay and is effective for the analysis of both single cellular targets and multiple intracellular components. Furthermore, the high throughput capabilities of this system make it ideal for analyzing image data from large scale experiments, including RNAi screening. TTP Labtech’s acumen® eX3 provides a unique system to rapidly analyze and process images from any high content screening application.

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