4 ways to improve your high content screening using acumen hci’s cellista software upgrade

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23 October, 2013

We want to help make sure that your high content screening system is as easy-to-use, fast and automated as possible, all while providing reliable results in a format that makes analysis simple and insightful. That’s why we have listened to your feedback and added new tools to our cellista analysis software. In combination with the acumen hci high content imager, the changes make the system even more user friendly than it was before!

Here are the top four new user benefits provided by the latest cellista upgrade.

1. The quickest scanning available on the market

Worried the new upgrade will slow the system down? Well don’t be. HCS using the acumen hci is up to 20% faster than before, completing even complex, multiple-laser scans in 8 minutes or less including data analysis and TIFF export.

2. Visually validate your data with image export

The latest version of cellista allows you to easily view and/or export the image data captured by the acumen hci as flexible TIFF files. These TIFFs are not only OME compliant, they are open source and will import into almost any other imaging package, allowing you to analyze your data in the best way that works for you. Worried about the reliability of your high content imaging screen? No problem at all, just press export and assess the quality of the images you generated.

3. From data to insight with new plotting tools

To help you make sense of your data, we’ve included new visualization functionality within cellista. Now you can use our enhanced scatter plot functionality improvements to better classify results using a range of polygon and splitting tools. You can also explore the data generated from each well using our 3D heat map analysis tool.

4. Improved assay development

With the new software, you can quickly and easily calculate Z-factor and assay window when optimizing prior to a large scale screen. This is thanks to improved data handling and interface enhancements that make it easier for you to delineate your +/- wells prior to scanning.

Are your HCS needs changing?

We’re your partners in high content screening. If you’d like to discuss implementing new analysis options for your acumen hci screens then please do get in touch – our team of expert engineers will do everything we can to make your workflow wishes a research reality.